Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Is Central To Your Business

Protecting your workers is a big part of owning a business in California, and you can do it properly with our help. The state of California requires all businesses to provide workers compensation coverage, even if they only have one employee. Where you get it is your decision. SKS Insurance has a team of trained professionals who are ready to explain the ins and outs of workers compensation. To get what you need out of your coverage, look to our agents for all of your insurance solutions.

Our Independence Means You Win

We’re an independent insurance provider, which means that we’re not tied to a specific carrier. We can explore multiple sources to find the workers comp policy that meets your budget and coverage needs, and we can probably even save you some money!

Each policy is different, but workers compensation can usually provide financial assistance for your employees’:

  • Medical bills
  • Hospital stays
  • Disability if they have to miss work

Some policies can even provide reimbursement for physical therapy and job retraining if your workers need it.

When you come to SKS Insurance, we won’t put you in a stressful situation. Our agents won’t try to pressure you into buying anything you don’t need by using flashy sales tricks. Our recommendations are strictly based on what we find out from talking to you, and we’ll never give you a policy that doesn’t work with your situation.

Your employees are integral to the success of your business, so shouldn’t you do all you can to protect them? For more information about our workers compensation options, give us a call at 888-757-2012or visit us at our Seal Beach, Seal Beach location. Do what’s right for your business and your workers today!