Keep Employees Healthy with Incentives

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Medical stethescope in brushed finishedOne of the biggest challenges people often face when working in an office environment is staying healthy. Sitting behind a computer all day with only unhealthy snacks available can make losing weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle very difficult. As a business owner, keeping your employees healthy should be one of your top priorities in employee safety. Giving incentives for your employees’ participation in a healthy lifestyle can really boost morale and make it easier for everyone to stay fit and productive.

One way to get everyone on board is to start a healthy office contest. Offer up a prize at the end of each week for the healthiest accomplishments completed. You do not need to make it about weight loss, as in a lot of cases people do not necessarily need to lose weight to be healthy. Make it more about making healthy choices and sticking to a good healthy regime.

Set up a chart of tasks that could be completed for points, such as:

  • Walk for 15 minutes at lunch time
  • Come up with a healthy recipe to share with the office
  • Join the company softball team
  • Recruit someone to join you for your lunchtime walk

If an employee achieves a certain amount of points each week, award him with the ability to leave 15 minutes early on Friday, or something similar. You will need to make the prizes worthwhile, so think of what your employees might enjoy.

Most importantly, make sure you follow the healthy lifestyle you are wanting for your employees as well. As the boss, it is important to lead by example. You will find that productivity will most likely increase along with everyone’s energy levels. Keep it fresh, energetic, and fun at work and everyone will be happy and healthy!

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