5 Tips for New Renters

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young adultIf you are brand new to renting an apartment and being out on your own there is a lot to consider. To prevent yourself from getting into a lease that isn’t right for you or forgetting a crucial consideration along the way, reviewing these tips is a great start.

  • Make Sure You Understand What is Included: This is a big overlook for first time renters. The cost of rent looks good on paper, but have you considered utilities, heat, water, electricity, etc. In hot climates like California, electricity bills can run up your monthly costs. Think about looking to utilities included properties so you can have a better idea of monthly costs.
  • Take Note Of Damages Before You Sign: Before you sign anything, take a walk of the entire property including every room and common area to detect previous damages. You don’t want to be charged for damages that were already in place when you move out. Make a list and have your landlord sign off on it, before you move in.
  • Understand What You Can And Cannot Change: Have a conversation with your landlord about what your restrictions are. Many apartment buildings do not allow you to paint, hang nails, have pets, etc. These outlines should be included in your lease. If they are not  sure to ask before you sign.
  • Keep a Copy Of Your Lease: Always keep a hard copy of your lease. Not only is it useful as a form of residency, but you can refer to it often if you have a question about what your landlord is responsible for and what you are responsible for.
  • Insurance: Get renters insurance. We understand that starting out on your own is expensive; however paying a couple hundred a year to protect all of your valuables cannot be overrated. In the event of theft or fire, your landlord’s policy does not cover any of your personal belongings while a renter’s policy does.

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